While many consider spring the traditional time of year for cleaning, it is also the best time to sell your home. With the cold and snow of winter finally gone, many buyers come to life in the spring, looking for fresh listings of beautiful homes. Take advantage of this by engaging in a different kind of “spring cleaning”: preparing your home, inside and out, for potential Ottawa buyers.

Outside the Home

No matter how they will view it, the first thing that any prospective buyer sees is the exterior of the home. First impressions are important, and your home will stand out if it looks bright, clean, and inviting.

Start by doing some basic yard-work: mowing your lawn, clearing away any dead leaves or tree branches, and trimming any bushes or foliage. Also, spring is a good time to check the condition of your windows and doors; roof shingles and chimney flashing; siding and exterior fixtures; as well as any decks or balconies for any damage potentially sustained during the winter.

Consider going the extra mile by planting new, brightly coloured flowers, or some additional greenery, to help buyers take notice.

Inside the Home

Making your home’s exterior as enticing as possible is only the first step. Once a buyer wants to view the home in full, you will want to make certain that the inside is as welcoming as the outside.

When preparing to present your home, go above and beyond your regular cleaning routine. In conjunction with the usual tidying up, clearing out cobwebs and polishing floors, you should ensure that every reflective surface (counters, windows, mirrors, etc.) is gleaming with spring sunlight.

Also, reduce clutter as much as you can around the house, and store non-essential decorative items that you do not use daily. Buyers will want to see available storage space, so avoid the temptation to simply tuck everything away in your closets.

Presenting the Home

Once a prospective buyer is viewing the interior of the home, it is important that they feel comfortable and welcome.

If buyers are attending in person, provide allergen-free snacks and chilled water to elevate their experience. If weather permits, open the windows for a fresh breeze to circulate through the house. Alternatively, you can put out flowers with subtle, natural scents, but be wary of using strongly scented flowers or air fresheners.

Good lighting should be your top priority, and not just for aesthetic reasons; buyers want to see everything clearly. This is especially true when providing virtual tours or open houses. One simple strategy is to open your drapes or blinds to allow in the maximum amount of natural light.

A Positive Experience

Springtime means warmer weather, and longer, brighter days. It also brings the opportunity to invite enthusiastic potential buyers to your home. By following our advice above, you will give buyers an incredibly positive viewing experience that will go a long way toward getting that sale. Ottawa housing marking spring 2020 Take advantage of the best season for real estate. For those that need to buy or sell, I’m here to help.