While the prospect of dealing with a big move during a snowstorm seems scary, buying a new house during the winter isn’t as much trouble as you might think. In fact, there are real advantages in waiting for the snow to arrive before making your purchase.

1)  Winter viewings let you see how potential homes will hold up

Even before you make that first offer, viewing homes during the colder months gives you a leg up on those summer buyers. You’ll get to see (and feel) for yourself how houses handle the winter. You might notice critical issues like bad insulation or leaks that may not present themselves in the warmer parts of the year.

Every bit of extra information can be a big help when it comes to choosing a new home. Starting the process in winter gives you some crucial info for free!

Buying a home in winter

2)  You’ll likely get a better price

Most people are reluctant to buy a house during the winter, mainly due to the potential hassles caused by the weather, kids being in school, or the holiday rush in mid-late December. As such, people who really need to sell their houses are going to be a lot more flexible when someone comes looking to make a deal.

It’s basic supply and demand: if there aren’t a lot of buyers (and there usually aren’t during winter), then prices go down. You’ll have more options, for less money.

3)  The market will be less busy and competitive

The logic above applies to more than just the price you’ll pay for the house itself. It will be a lot easier to access a lot of the necessary services, like lawyers and movers, than in the spring and summer when more people are trying to do the same thing.

You’ll have more choice and more scheduling flexibility, which will help to keep both costs and blood pressure down.

4)  Weather won’t be as big a factor as you think

Obviously, the biggest caveat to buying a home in the winter is having to deal with the potential issues caused by awful weather. Moving into a new house can be tiring even when it’s a beautiful sunny day, and tossing snow, wind, and ice into the mix certainly doesn’t help.

Your closing date will be set early in the process, but often that date can get moved up if the process goes smoothly or postponed if any issues arise. If it looks like weather might impact your big day, it can usually be moved to accommodate you. Again, you’ll have more scheduling flexibility in the off-season, which will come in handy in the case of weather delays.

5)  You won’t get as sweaty and overheated while you move

Winter weather can serve as a possible obstacle to your move, but it can also work in your favour. If you’re renting a truck and handling the move on your own, it’s going to be hard work. Doing that work in the summer will leave most folks in a hot and sweaty mess by the end of it. Even if you have a good moving company helping you, getting everything organized and settled can be a real workout.

Moving in the winter lets you beat the heat, all thanks to nature’s free seasonal air conditioning. It might not seem like much up front, but you’ll appreciate the cold air when you’re making your ninth trip up and down those stairs on moving day!

* * *

Sure, there are some downsides to moving in winter — potential delays, icy conditions — but at the end of the day, it could be cheaper, more convenient, and certainly much cooler than any other time of year. If you are prepared and organized when the time comes, a winter purchase might be the best gift you could give yourself this year!