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Your Credit Score, Your Mortgage Rate, and You

The concept of a “credit score” or “credit rating” can be confusing for anyone, especially those preparing to purchase their first home. It’s important to know how your credit score might...   Read more >

How to Keep Warm (and Save Money) by Winterizing Your Home

Winter is fast approaching, and all the wind, snow, and freezing temperatures that come with it can have some undesirable effects on your home. Taking the time right now to get your home winterized...   Read more >

Do You Want Ottawa’s First Time Home Buyer Incentive?

If you’re looking for your first home, you’ve probably heard of Ottawa’s new First Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI). It’s marketed as a way to help you pay for your first mortgage. Bu...   Read more >

The Best Deals for First-Time Home Buyers

With Ottawa’s new First Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI), there’s a lot of confusion about what are the best incentives for new home buyers. While the FTHBI has too many downfalls to rec...   Read more >

9 things to know before insuring an older home

Older homes have character. We love them because of their charm, and unique style. But they can come with extra baggage. Equipped with the right answers, you can make insuring your older hom...   Read more >

Buying a home? Things to know before calling your insurance company

It’s finally time for one of the last chores when buying your new house: getting insurance. But surprise, surprise: this is often a very frustrating call. And it may actually take several c...   Read more >