Ottawa Mortgages

Pamela Adamson, Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa, Direct: 613-808-7746,

Anne-Josée L’Ecuyer, Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Alliance, Direct : 613-808-7078

Lucié Halle, Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres, Office: 613-834-6888 ext.224. Toll Free: 1-888-664-6679, Fax: 613-249-7233, Direct: 613-859-2854

Charlene Rinn, Mobile Mortgage Specialist, RBC Royal Bank, Direct: 613-867-6861

Gilles Chatelain, Mortgage Advisor, CIBC, Office: 1-877-732-6174, Fax: 613-744-2207, Direct: 613-316-4089

Chris Allard, Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres, Direct: 613-324-2389, Fax: 613-736-1765

Marc Ffrench, Mortgage Agent, IntelliMortgage, Office: 1-800-280-2460, Fax: 1-888-218-5275, Direct: 613-266-5778

Michelina Crothers, Mortgages Made Easy, Office: 613-563-3447 Ext40, Fax: 613-563-3195, Direct: 613-612-5074

Ottawa Lawyers

Odette Rwigamba, Law Office of Odette Rwigamba,, Office: 613-232-7900, Fax: 613-729-5652

Susan E. Galarneau, Galarneau & Associates,, Office: 613-830-7111. Fax: 613-830-7108

Natalie Guertin, Guertin Law,, Office: 613-830-7204 ext. 225, Fax: 613-834-3473

Ottawa Home Inspectors

Raymond Belisle, Infinity Home Inspection Services, Home inspections, Thermal imaging, Energy Audits, Phone: 613-821-2462

Michael Johnson, Kingfisher Home Inspections, Home Inspections, Septic Inspections, W.E.T.T. Inspections, Phone: 613-812-3864

Green Valley Environmental Services,, Septic system, inspection, design, installation, maintenance, and pumping. Phone: 613-692-2616

Lee Ralph, Property Inspections Unlimited,,   Home inspections, WETT inspections Direct: 613-266-3845

Moe Rayyes, Canadian Water Inspection Services,, Water treatment systems/well inspections, water quality analysis Primary: 613-878-1975, Secondary: 613-424-0450

Brian Callaghan, Alert Inspection Services,, Phone: 613-860-6155 Home Inspection Services

Ottawa Movers

Move Ottawa,, Bookings/Customer Service: 613-321-2062, Fax: 1-888-2257405

Bruce Fitzsimmons, AMJ Campbell, Phone: 613-737-1883

Two Men and a Truck,, Phone: 613-701-0903

Lisa Robinson, Stream Line My Move,,, Direct: 613-294-8202

Ottawa Home Staging, Decorating, Downsizing, Organizing

Tracy Martineau, Vanilla Staging & Home Organizing,, Staging, Downsizing, Decluttering, and Organizing. Phone: 613-668-8181

Saree Parry, Decorating Den Interiors,, Staging, interior decorating Phone: 613-841-3326, Fax: 613-706-0953

Cheryl Kennedy, Orderly Conduct,, Phone: 613-292-6259, Professional Organization

Ottawa House Cleaners

Stephanie Applejohn, Merry Maids,, Office: 613-244-1992, Direct: 613-227-8701

Tina Mongeon, Enviropure,, Phone: 613-513-7873

Vaughn McKinney, Parliament Cleaning Group,, Phone: 613-733-7250, Fax: 613-733-7482

Luc Raymond, 1-800-Got-JUNK,, Appts: 1-800-468-5865, Office: 613-841-5954, Fax: 613-841-0490, Direct: 613-880-1851

Andrew Sayer, General Manager, Dymon Storage,, Office: 613-860-9900, Fax: 613-247-7730 Direct: 613-295-1206

Peter Hauderowicz, Owner PODS Ottawa & Halifax,, Office: 1-855-293-9484, Direct: 613-227-7637

Ottawa Home Contractors

Marc Kelly, KEB Services,, Direct: 613-617-7761

Dave Bennett, 360Renos,, Office: 613-429-5000

Gillian Leyland, Oakwood,, Office: 613-236-8001, Direct: 613-835-9000 ext 156

Jim West, Ottawa HVAC,, Alannah West, Office: 613-834-4822, Fax: 613-834-4821

Pascal Dupuis, Bath Planet,, Office: 613-746-7872, Direct: 613-402-2530

Ottawa Home & Auto Insurance

Lisa Cruickshank, Desjardins Insurance, Office: 613-424-7555, Fax: 613-424-5595

Stéphanie L’Ecuyer, Allstate Insurance,, Office: 613-837-7424 ext. 5017, Fax: 613-837-2071

Tracy Pettrey, Carr & Company, Office: 613-747-4700, Fax: 613-747-8522

Misc Ottawa Real Estate Resources

Jean & Tracey Martel, Above All Dignity,, Office: 613-424-7233, Direct: 613-883-0567, Home Care Management, including home maintenance and repair.

Jason Pilon, Romantic Fireplaces,, Office: 613-834-1777, Fax: 613-834-4775

Michel Mallette, Verdun Windows & Doors,, Office: 613-443-2694, Fax: 613-443-1071 Direct: 613-266-2855

Ramsey Mulbah, Ace Landscaping,, Phone: 613-355-3797

Jay Behl, Advantage Flooring,, Phone: 613-878-7795

Leesha Cunningham, WOW 1 Day Painting,, Toll free: 1-888-969-1329, Office: 613-241-6065, Direct: 613-794-8020

John Morozuk, Service Manager, Precision Automotive,, Phone: 613-841-5550

Matthew Turner, Mechanic to you,, Phone: 613-277-8956

Chris Ladouceur, Master Electrician, 1-Lad Electric,, Direct: 613-862-5110, Fax: 613-440-5262

Personal Finance in Ottawa

Kimberly Curry, Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner Peak Investment Services,, Direct: 613-222-9143

Janet Gray, CFP, CHS, EPC, CPCA, Money Coaches Canada, Office: 613-834-6639 Hood’s Financial Fitness, Susan E. Hood. Phone: 1-888-908-4271, Ext: 205

Julien Bouchy-Picon, Financial Planner, RBC Royal Bank, Phone: 613-404-7962, Fax: 613-564-2111

Daniel Roy, Certified Financial Planner, Praxis Wealth Management, Office: 613-440-2734, Fax: 613-440-2560
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